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PaaS – We provide all bare bones so you can take care of your business

SocialVid Video Platform provides a Feature rich, rocksolid,fully functional and hugely scalable WebRTC based PaaS platform for Audio and Video communications.

The platform provides all infrastructures to add audio video communications to your applications or web sites by using simple to use APIs in javascripts or java

See majority of applications that can be developed and being developed by our customers in variety of verticals  

The platform takes care of:

  • Sharing desktop or applications
  • Recording individual stream 
  • Bandwidth management
  • Screen layouts,
  • Firewall traversal, 
  • Scalability 
  • Manageability

 It can also provide add on features such as:

  • Speech to multi-lingual Text
  • Voice analytics
  • Co-Browsing capability, 


Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing using voice calls

SocialVid gives a simple to use web conferencing solution where users can join or receive a call from their mobile or land lines.

SocialVid Web Conferencing platform provides a way to share a presentation or word documents along with the facility to annotate and record the annotated screens in various format

Following are the key features of Web Conferencing :

  • Receive share on any browser
  • Dial out to your mobile or landline from System
  • Dial in into the conference from your mobile
  • Basic controls from the screen



Complete collaboration suit at your fingertips 

Our collaboration Suit will give you an idea as what you can build using our APIs.

Yes, it is a sample application and we do not have any great skin to it. But you can pickup this as it is and put your creativity and imagination to build your collaboration tool and yes of course you can brand it!!

Following are ready features in the Collaboration:

  • Management applications 
    • Call Manager – to manage calls and participants in the conference
    • Admin and monitoring tools – such as CDRs, Dashboard for current system utilization, System Maintenance etc.
    • User Dashboard – To create and manage conferences for authenticated user, recording control
  • Presence and Instant Messaging
  • Screen Sharing 
  • Layout control 



Endpoint Device for your big conference rooms – Coming Soon

SocialVid is developing a cost effective room system that would be at fraction of price to the so-called HD room codecs, but with equal quality and much easier to use.

Watch out for this space!!!


Value for money

We offer best pricing model according to your needs and we offer best quality at pleasantly surprizing rates.


We at socialvid beleive that every user has a different requirement and own usecases !  We do offer flat pricing that will releive you from the pain of monitoring your usage if you want to buy per user licence. Or we do provide a hourly usage fee that would be charged as per your usage. So you can add more hours as your organization grows.

There is absolutely no Capex if you want us to host the service, but if you want to host in your premise, we are perfectly OK with that, too!!

Contact us with your use case and usage pattern, and we will help you to get most cost effective plan for your usage!

Customers see benefits across industries:

Customer Service

Faster resolution times

Financial Services

Improved satisfaction rates


Increased engagement


Expanded reach


Higher sales conversion

Field Services

Reduced operational cost

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SocialVid makes it easy to embed high-quality video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into web and mobile apps. Get up and running quickly with:

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Our mature platform has proven its ability to scale WebRTC. We offer high uptime rates and low latency with datacenters around the globe. So leave the infrastructure to us and focus on building great apps.

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